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Freeridin Girls

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Competition doesn’t build character, it reveals it

At the Fall 2004 Nebraska Dog and Hunt Club Field Trial, Freeridin Retrievers took first in the Amateur, Qualifying, and Derby. From left to right, Freeridin Smooth Operator (Qualifying 1st), AFC Sky Hy’s Husker Power (Amateur 1st), Freeridin Vampire Slayer (Derby 1st), and Duncan’s Britt (Qualifying 4th) - all dogs handled by Ted Shih.

We had a great weekend at Lincoln last year. But, I think this year may be even better. In large part, because the two Freeridin Girls - Mootsie and Buffy - will be a year old and wiser. 

If you continue reading, you'll discover more about each of these
very special girls. 

Freeridin Smooth Operator
FC/AFC Code Blue x FC/AFC Trumarc’s Lean Cuisine


Qualified All Age
National Derby List
17 Derby Points

Hips: LR-147500E25F-PI
Elbow: LR-EL25014F25-PI

Mootsie's pedigree  

Mootsie is our up and coming star. She comes from a wonderful breeding of FC/AFC Code Blue and FC/AFC Trumarc's Lean Cuisine - both of whom were multiple National Open Retriever Championship Finalists.

Mootsie, like her parents, is a fabulous marker.

Last year, Mootsie and I earned 17 derby points, and we placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Qualifying before she turned 25 months old. Two of Mootsie's litter mates, also made the 2004 National Derby list - Redbird's Winsome Blue and T Street Tess. A fourth litter mate, Trumarc's Cordon Bleu, won the only derby he entered.

This year, Mootsie and I will run the All Age Stakes together.

Some Information about Mootsie’s Parents

Sire - FC/AFC Code Blue
DOB: August 7, 1990 (Deceased)
National Open Finalist 1998, 1994
High Point Open Dog 1998

Open Points 161.5
Amateur Points 70
Derby Points 39

Titled Offspring: FC Blue on Blue, FC/AFC Candlewoods Rita Reynolds (2001 Open High Point dog, 48 Derby Points), FC CK’s Little Rascal, FC/AFC Creek Robber (2004, 2003 Open High Point Dog, 26 Derby Points), FC Esprit’s Double Whammy, AFC Leap of Faith Luke, FC Lulu Lulu Lulu, AFC Marauder’s Commander Cannon, AFC Seattle Blue, AFC Wingsetter’s Gem N I.

Dam - FC/AFC Trumarc’s Lean Cuisine
DOB: May 30, 1998
National Open Finalist 2004, 2005

Open Points 24.5 
Amateur Points 40.0
Derby Points 54

Title Offspring: None yet. But, many sure to come. Mootsie was from Kweezy’s first breeding.

Kweezy is from Judy’s AFC Trumarc’s Ms. Costalot, who produced 12 titled dogs, including FC/AFC Texas WB Cocky Two Stepper (181 All Age Points), AFC Greenbriars Centerfold, FC/AFC Honky Tonk Outlaw, and FC/AFC Topbrass Roxx the Boat, FC/AFC Trumarc’s Chubby Mac, FC Trumarc’s Cruiser, FC/AFC Trumarc’s Four Wheel Drive, FC/AFC Trumarc’s In Pursuit Again, FC/AFC Trumarc’s Pudgie Mac, FC Trumarc’s Silver Lining, AFC Trumarc’s Welterweight. 

How Mootsie came to join the Freeridin Clan

In 2002, Judy Aycock bred her wonderful bitch, FC/AFC Trumarc’s Lean Cuisine (Kweezy) to FC/AFC Code Blue.

Judy is one of the true legends in retriever field trials. She was the primary protege of Rex Carr, who pioneered the use of the e-collar in retriever training. In turn, she became the primary mentor for Danny Farmer, one of the most successful professional retriever trainers of all time. 

Judy, who is a member of the Retriever Hall of Fame, also owned, trained, and handled two other members of the Hall of Fame: NFC AFC San Joaquin Honcho and NAFC FC Trumarc's Zip Code. You will see Honcho and Cody in the pedigrees of many of the premier dogs in the sport today.

In one of Zowie and my first derbies, the judges had set up five (yes, five) difficult series. Only six dogs were brought back to the fourth series and only five dogs to the fifth series. I think the judges were interested in demonstrating that they could set up tests that could beat the best dogs in the country (one of the competitors - Showthyme went on to become the National Derby Champion). In fact, one of the judges would ask the competitors before each test - “Do you think your dogs can handle this test?”

Among those five dogs that went to the fifth series were four who have titled and had distinguished competitive careers - FC/AFC Showthyme, FC/AFC Trumarc’s Lean Cuisine, AFC Greenbriar’s Centerfold, and AFC Freeridin Wowie Zowie. The Fifth series was a big water triple with two tight converging birds and a wipe out flyer. 

Zowie was dropped because the judges thought he had switched. No one else who saw the tests agreed. Moreover, the judges placed a handle - in the derby. At any rate, after the awards had been announced, Judy came up to me, told me that she thought I had been robbed, complimented me and Zowie on a nice trial, and urged me to keep plugging away.

Over the passing years, I have had the pleasure of training with, and competing against Judy and Kweezy on many occasions. In fact, Judy was the leader of our 2003 National Amateur Training Group which included: Danny Farmer, Bill Bowen, Victor Garcia, Paul Knutson, Cherylon Loveland, Larry Morgan, Sam Milton and Steve Robben. Throughout that time, I had been impressed by Kweezy’s marking and intelligence. Consequently, I told Judy that if she ever bred Kweezy, I wanted a puppy. The rest, as they say is history.

More about Moo Moo

I have always loved the Sade song “Smooth Operator” and was bound and determined some day to name one of my retrievers Freeridin Smooth Operator. But, I had a terrible time picking a call name to go with Smooth Operator. Ultimately, Cherylon said why don’t we name her “Moots” - “it 
sounds like it might come from smooth.” Yeah right, but the name stuck. 

In our training group she has a number of names - Moo Moo, Mootsie, Queen Mootsie, Moots (my wife likes Moo Moo best)

Mootsie has a very outgoing personality. She will run full tilt at you, stop at the last moment, then jump up to look you eye to eye. She loves to put her paws on your chest and look at you, but we decided that habit was one we needed to break. If she is airing, she likes to peek into open vehicles and pull out gloves, hats, and the like which she will later parade before you. All of us at Camp Loveland make a point of closing our vehicle doors when Ms. Mootsie is on the loose.

I have a puppy from a repeat breeding of Code Blue and Kweezy - Freeridin Maserati (Mazzie) and he is just as much a character as his big sister, Ms. Moots.

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Freeridin Vampire Slayer
FC/AFC Creek Robber x  FC/AFC Call Me Yankee Doodle Dandy


Derby Win

Hips: pending
Elbow: pending
Eyes: pending

Buffy's pedigree

Buffy was born on March 5, 2001. Because of Buffy's birthday, and the fact that, in Colorado, we stop our water work in October, I ran Buffy in only a few derbies. However, by the time Buffy reached 19 months of age, she and I had won one derby, and finished many more. One of her three littermates, Dave Harter’s Call Me A Little Bit Pricey, had 13 Derby points.

Buffy is too young to have her hips and hips OFA certified. However, her eyes are clear, and her preliminary hip exam looked very good. I will have her hips examined again when she returns from spring training in Texas.

Buffy is a large bitch. We feed her eight (8) cups of food a day and she still looks a little thin to me. Buffy weighs 70 pounds now and I suspect that when she matures she will weigh 75 - 80 pounds. 

Buffy is hard going in the field, but a sweetheart at home. When she was a puppy, she would sleep on my feet under the desk as I worked at home in the evenings.

Some Information about Buffy’s Parents

Sire - FC/AFC Creek Robber
DOB: September 2, 1998

National Open Finalist 2004, 2003, 2002
High Point Open Dog 2004, 2003

Open Points 121.0
Amateur Points 128.5
Derby Points 26 

Dam - FC/AFC Call Me Yankee Doodle Dandy
DOB: December 13, 1993

Open Points 46.5
Amateur Points 51.5 
Derby Points 12

How Buffy came to join the Freeridin Clan

One of the many great friends I have made through this sport is Dave Harter. Dave is the owner of the splendid FC/AFC Blackwater Rudy (160 All Age Points, National Open Finalist at Age 3), and one of the work horses of the Missouri Valley Dog and Hunt Club, http://www.movalleyhuntclub.org

Dave, together with Northrup Larsen, owned FC/AFC Call Me Yankee Doodle Dandy, a bitch that had been washed out three times in her early field trial career, but who came on later in life to finish just short of accumulating 100 All Age points. Dave had been judging a field trial in the Northwest where he had seen a youngster that was turning heads - the dog we all now know as “Auggie” - FC/AFC Creek Robber. Dave decided to breed Dandy to Auggie.

I was interested in pup ... but told Dave “no” because I had too many dogs. However, at a field trial in Omaha for the Missouri Valley Club, Dave had puppies from Dandy’s litter with him. I told Dave if he bred Dandy again, I would take a puppy. Dave said, “take this one and try her for four months. If you like her, pay me. If you don’t, return her to me.” At the end of the field trial, I drove the eight hours home with a little puppy in my lap.

I named her “Buffy” after the Sarah Michelle Geller character in the television series. When I told Cherylon the name I had picked, she tried to talk me out of it “It’s a very soft name.” I asked her if she had seen the television show. She said no. I told her that “Buffy kicks butt.” And that I hoped my Buffy would do the same.

I raised Buffy at home with me. Every day, she went to work with me. I would take walks with her several times a day, and throw short marks in the park. After a while, I began throwing marks in cover for her, and then enlistied my wife, Stephanie, to help me throw marks for Buffy. At four months of age, Buffy showed signs of great marking ability. I would throw marks of 200-300 yards where she would have to run through cover as tall as her, up and down ravines and draws - and she would get them. 

I told Dave he would be getting a check in the mail.

Since then, Buffy has proven to be everything I hoped for ... and more.

For more information on upcoming breedings,
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